Our Roots

Bonanza Agronomy Services came across the concept of independent ag retail when we met Dave DeLong of the DeLong Company in Clinton, Wisconsin. The DeLong Company was a huge influence. Seeing independent ag for the first time and seeing it as family values and a family-owned business.

With an idea in mind, we discovered and addressed an unmet need in North Dakota, specifically Cass County. This unmet need was independent ag retail. To have a true partner in your supply chain and one that values the community you operate in is something many in this region were missing.

Beyond a personal connection to the region, we are also dedicated to keeping rural American cities healthy and their local businesses alive. Bonanza Agronomy Services walks the walk, investing in the community, sponsoring local events and being engrained in the area’s patchwork.



The Farmer's Farmer

Wholly dedicated to the farmer, confusing technical terminology and formulas have no home at Bonanza Agronomy Services. Instead, we as a team are committed to communicating in plain English and customers can have peace of mind knowing the recommendations are truly what is best for them. 

We are a firm believer that farmers need partners. Especially with the rising demographic of farmers working on succession planning, the next generation of farmers are stepping in and they need advice from someone who is on their side, who knows the land. The next generation of farmer needs a partner that is an expert in the day-today all the way to financial planning, and we aim to be just that. 

Our Team




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Bonanza's Bullseye of a Client

The Farmer of Tomorrow

Bonanza Ag aims to work with the individual taking over the family farm, the one who doesn’t want to keep doing things the way they’ve always been done. They need somebody that is going to guide them, that’s going to help them with succession planning, that has a flair for finance, but also has a flair for production agriculture and how they can do things differently than mom or dad or grandma or grandpa did it.

With Bonanza’s years of experience — in college, manufacturing and distribution spheres —he’s back home and back in retail, working with the very people he once was. 

The team works to stay educated and up to speed on all the technologies at their disposal. How do they properly place such technologies with the right farmers? How can they identify what is best for each square foot of land? Addressing and identifying these details is what Bonanza Agronomy Services strives to achieve.

Crop Consulting

Bonanza Agronomy Services' mastery comes with knowing their client and their product inside and out.

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