Things move fast today
in the agricultural industry

But to the untrained, it’s hard to know where you should
turn for advice on the latest technology


Committed to building meaningful relationships with rural farmers while utilizing the largest crop solution manufacturers in the world. Bonanza Agronomy Services brings the best of both worlds to your farm.

Seed Treatment
Seed Treatment

We make recommendations on the proper products to battle disease, pests and nutrient utilization from endangering crop loss.

Soil Sample
Soil Sampling

Precision soil sampling and recommendations of fertility levels for achieving record breaking yields.

Crop Consulting
Crop Consulting

Leading experts for assessing a healthier crop to obtain a stronger, more profitable result. 

Budget Forecasting
Budget forecasting

Whether you are succession planning or annual budgeting to work with your lender, we will work with you to manage the complexities of your farm operation.

Our Solutions

Bonanza Ag Services provides you with seed solutions from 2 Global Seed companies. A local focus specific to farms in SE North Dakota paired with all the resources of the largest provider of agribusiness solutions in the world. 


Meet Chris

With an idea in mind, Chris Hoffmann discovered and addressed an unmet need in North Dakota, specifically Cass County. This unmet need was independent ag retail. To have a true partner in your supply chain and one that values the community you operate in is something many in this region we’re missing. 

Hoffmann came across the concept of independent ag retail when he met Dave DeLong of the DeLong Company in Clinton, Wisconsin. “The DeLong Company was a huge influence on my life. Seeing independent ag for the first time and seeing it as family values and a family-owned business,” said Hoffmann. “I was asking myself, ‘How do I leave a legacy?’ I couldn’t identify a good way before this.”

Bonanza Agronomy Services specializes specializes in row crop and small grain production, ensuring that the customer receives complete expertise from Bonanza staff. Dedication to the customer is a core value at which Bonanza Agronomy Services is proud to be built on.

Independent Ag Retail

Rather than going through a single manufacturer or distributor, independent ag retailers carry a variety of brands and products, truly offering their clients the best outcome. This comes with a level of authenticity and genuine care that sometimes the big box retailers overlook. 

local company with local values

If you have questions or see any issue with the way things are done, just say so. We believe in open communication. Just let us know what’s on your mind. Whether it’s a simple conversation or taking an entirely new direction, the important thing is that you remain confident.

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